Systems Telephone Call Recording

Systems supplied Runcall recording telephone conversations based on different technologies.

These systems are specially designed for contact center applications such as Quality Assurance, Training and Evaluation of Agents, Telephone Banking, Security, Telephone Sales, alarm systems, etc..

PBX can be deployed on any market, whether analog, digital or IP. in case you have a traditional PBX (digital), the technical solution required the implantation of a gateway system.

Here are the different recording modalidas enable our systems:

Recording type Description
Continuous Recording or Total

Recording requires indicated when recording all calls, both incoming and outgoing.
Recording especially designed for areas where content is critical recording
Planned or Selective Recording
Specify how calls are to be recorded and which not. For example, you can record all incoming answered by certain group of agents or extensions. With it, you can record the conversations of hundreds of agents using a small number of channels. This function can be implemented even if their PBX CTI system lacks.
The systems can be programmed to perform random recordings. This method is suitable for quality control, evaluation of goals, training, etc..
Demand Recording
In this case the agent or telemarketer is responsible for activating the recording. It is done by pressing a button on the agent's screen, or a code on the telephone keypad.
Depending on the system chosen, data can be added automatically to the talks as a client code, an ID, ... all conversations easier to find. Ideal for recording transactions critical parts, ...
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