ITC Infrastructure

Runcall has qualified technicians and the best technology to complement our Helpdesk and CTI applications with an efficient and reliable network infrastructure, PBX and communications systems. Thus we provide our customers with a comprehensive solution.

Below are the different solutions and services we can provide our customers in this area:

     Gateways and VoIP systems: VoIP networks incorporate multiple new systems for integration with voice networks and switching systems, and to ensure the efficient use of existing capacity of the connections.
     IP PBX: Advanced voip systems based on Asterisk and Cisco technology.
     Switching voice-data (QoS): LAN switching systems for deploying converged networks, quality of service, VLANs and PoE systems. Preferably work with Cisco or HP.
     Networking & Security: Routers and logical security systems (firewalls). Our partner in this area is Cisco.
     Telecommunications: We have agreements with reputable companies to offer our customers advanced voice and data.
         VoIP: We offer voice transport services at very competitive rates as well as advanced services number portability.
         Hosting- Cloud: We can offer all our applications in the form of cloud, for you to enjoy its intrinsic benefits.
     Data Services. Ask our specialists.